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Karen Boulton and Jonathan Briggs, Wild Works ltd.

Karen Boulton & Jonathan Briggs. Wild Works Ltd.

Wild Works is a creative metalworking partnership formed, in unusual circumstances, to bring beauty to dull household objects, like switch covers. 

Karen is a Seattlelite but after a damp childhood fled the rain in 1976 to California. There she taught art in schools, and explored ceramics, fabric design, mural painting and print-making. Karen's work with copper and zinc etching plates led to the current focus on metalwork. Travel and personal independence have been strong influences, leading her to travel widely in Europe and Mexico. From 1985 until 1988 she lived in England, learning the craft of jewelry.

Jonathan is British but spent much time abroad and at-large as a youth in South-east Asia, attending schools in Thailand and Singapore. He reluctantly returned to England in 1980 to study the business of Business, and work out how to travel again.

In 1988, after a promising start up the corporate ladder, the desire for travel and independence took Jonathan to Kenya where he met Karen by chance in Nairobi. They traveled together for four months through East, Central and North Africa by truck - camping on the plains, jungles and deserts. This adventure created the partnership, which was sealed with a four month honeymoon in West Africa.In 1991 they moved to Seattle to start this joint (ad)venture.

Home since 2000 is the verdant Skagit Valley, north of Seattle.

Learning skills from each other, Wild Works has evolved into a contemporary metalwork studio utilizing patina and engraving techniques. Bold designs reflect a desire to be different, and encourage customers to replace ordinary household objects with something that will enhance their home and imagination.

Our aim is to design and create contemporary, affordable metalwork that enhances your interiors. We use copper, brass and aluminum, combined with hand-engraving and patina techniques, to make light switch covers, and barrettes.

Our designs and motivation are influenced by the patterns and textures we see around us in life, and by the Arts and Crafts movement of 1870-1910. These artists were driven by a desire to create well designed work that countered the crude, mass-produced factory wares of the time. They believed that society would benefit from a return to crafts.

We also believe there should be pride of workmanship, and beauty, in even the most functional of household objects. Embracing these ideals, we feel enriched by using handmade things in our daily lives.

Making a common thing uncommonly well has led us to success.

We hope you decide to order from us. Please call or email with any questions.

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