Artists' Statement - Wild Works Ltd.

Artists’ Statement - Wild Works Ltd.

Our aim is to design and create contemporary, affordable metalwork that enhances your interiors and connects you with hand-made work. We use copper, brass and aluminum, combined with hand-engraving and patina techniques, to make light switch covers and barrettes.

Our designs and motivation are influenced by the patterns and textures we see around us in life, and by the Arts and Crafts movement of 1870-1910. These artists were driven by a desire to create well designed work that countered the crude, mass-produced factory wares of the time. They believed that society would benefit from a return to crafts.

We also believe there should be pride of workmanship, and beauty, in even the most functional of household objects. Embracing these ideals, we feel enriched by using handmade things in our daily lives. Making a common thing uncommonly well has led us to success.

This summer we are winding up our online business, and our website will probably be available only through August 2019.

Please order sooner, rather than later.

Thank you for your business over the last 28 years!