About Our Handmade Metal Light Switch Covers

In summer of 2019 we retired our light switch cover business, and are not displaying at any shows except perhaps the Oregon Country Fair in 2021.

Thank you for your business over the last 28 years!

We will continue to sell our Barrettes, Love Shrines and Painted Glass Bottles through the website.

We appreciate your interest in our hand made work.

Thanks for choosing to have the power and beauty of hand made things in your life.
Be well.
Karen and Jonathan

Wild Works Ltd. handmade switch plate studio  

We use copper, brass and aluminum, combined with hand-engraving, patina and hammer techniques to craft beautiful and durable light switch covers and outlet plates in every possible combination.

All work is sealed for durability with multiple coats so they are stable even in possibly damp places like the kitchen or bathroom.

Just clean with a damp, non-abrasive, cloth when necessary. That's all the care they need.

ALL sizes and combinations are possible. Contact us if the cover you need is not shown on our website.


There are 20 patterns of engraved light switch covers, available in seven metal colors. These are made by first darkening the metal, then engraving the pattern through the surface.


Patina techniques produce light switch covers in earth tones. These patinas are mottled, with no engraving patterns, and will vary a little from one batch of switch plates to another.


Using tools with textured heads, the darkened copper and brass light switch covers are hammered, and the raised surface is sanded. This reveals beautiful highlights of pink copper or gold brass, leaving the recessed hammer blows dark.


Here's how to order different sizes:
Once you've chosen a design, click on the 'Single' box. This will show a drop-down menu with the most common size variations.
Select the size you'd like to order, then add it to your shopping cart.

From single switch covers to eight-gang covers, phone jacks, cable covers, we make all sizes and configurations.

Oversize switch plates, narrow covers, and hard to find cover configurations are possible since we make the covers from start to finish. Custom sized switch covers are made at no extra cost.

We also make the old style push-button covers and modern data port plates. This is particularly useful if you wish to replace the covers in an entire room or house.

Work is sealed for durability, and the necessary screws are included.

The light switch cover may just be a small detail, but there is no need for it to be ugly plastic. Our metal covers add a finishing touch to your interiors, and have a lot of presence. They are a great way to finish off your remodel, or accent your room.

We appreciate you choosing our hand-made work for your home.


Thank you for your business over the last 28 years!

Metal light switch covers handmade by Wild Works Ltd.